Fast Track to a Job in Surveying

posted Jun 6, 2012, 4:41 PM by Jaybird Farrow   [ updated Jun 6, 2012, 4:42 PM ]

The equation is simple.  Find a job in surveying like this:

Finding a job in Surveying

1) Join Land Surveyors United and fill your profile out as if it were a living resume
2) When accepted, Go to and search for your local state or country and join the group forum for your area.  Start a new discussion and introduce yourself to the group and tell them what you are trying to accomplish in your job hunt.
3) Go to the same url above and search for topical group forums such as Topographic Surveying, Cadastral, Government Surveyors, etc. and make some friends and associates.

///by this time you may already have some leads..over 100 surveyors found work just last year through the site///

Other Things to Try, if you're having no luck

4) Jump in and participate in community events such as
5) Customize your profile to highlight your accomplishments and license info
6) Import your contacts from an email address which has surveyor friends in it and you may already know people on the network.
7) Import photos and videos of surveying and tell a story to the network..

Let your 'surveying voice be heard' and network your way into a job.  It will be fun and effortless if you do a little bit every day.  I guarantee that with a little bit of networking, you'll get that job!